Chihuahua Allergies

How do you know if your Chihuahua has allergies?

As with any other dog breed, your Chihuahua may suffer from allergies.  Dog allergies may be external or internal in nature.  External allergens may include anything from outdoors – or simply outside of the dog’s body – including pollen, grass, fleas, dust, fragrances or chemicals including gardening or cleaning products, cigarette smoke, shampoos, among many other irritants. Internal allergies will generally be due to something your dog has ingested, like his dog food, and will manifest in digestive problems such as vomiting or diarrhea.

If your Chihuahua has itchy skin, constant biting and/or resultant inflammation…this is your cue!   If you notice your Chihuahua gnawing at his own skin, especially his paws, ears, or hind area, there is a good chance Fido has a food allergy.  Also, you may notice a wheezing or coughing or honking sound coming from your dog.  This may be another sign that your dog is having an allergic reaction to something in his environment or diet.

Chihuahua Food Allergies

Your Chihuahua may have food allergies if his allergy symptoms – especially excessive scratching of his skin or recurrent ear problems – are not seasonal, but year round. It is important to find the source of your dog’s allergies. You can do this by process of elimination.  Most veterinarians would suggest that you start off feeding your dog plain, boiled chicken.  After one to two weeks you will add another ingredient to his meal.   The following week you will add another, and continue in this manner until you notice your dog’s allergy symptoms returning. When he starts scratching or having digestive issues again, you have found the food he is allergic to and you can eliminate this from his diet.

Chihuahua Allergies to Fleabites

If you notice your Chihuahua having either red, irritated skin or digestive problems, you would be wise to check for fleas.   Your dog might not only be bothered by the flea itself, but he could be allergic to the flea’s saliva. Your vet may suggest a special flea shampoo and/or spray.  Other treatments might include: antihistamines, which are generally safe for all dogs; fatty acid supplements; immunotherapy; or topical steroid creams. You should consult your vet to find the best treatment for your Chihuahua’s particular allergy.