German Shepherd Allergies

German Shepherd Skin and Respiratory Allergies

Although considered by many to be the strongest and most resilient canine breed, German Shepherds suffer from allergies just as frequently as other dog breeds.  Interestingly, canines and human beings are equally likely to suffer from basic skin allergies.  Unfortunately, the remedy for a German Shepherd with allergies is a little more complicated than the human remedy.  Humans can easily communicate their physical sensations such as itchy eyes, runny nose, and sore throat with a doctor or pharmacist and be treated with over the counter medications such as Claritin or Zyrtec.  German Shepherd allergies may cause similar slightly different symptoms, yet the German Shepherd’s only recourse is to lick, paw, gnaw, and scratch at the irritation.  The usual manifestation of an German Shepherd allergies is skin irritation.

German Shepherd allergies that manifest as skin irritations should be treated promptly to comfort the canine as well as prevent the canine from injuring himself via scratching and biting the irritated skin.  There are some steps that should be taken at the first sign of German Shepherd allergies.  They are:

First: See a veterinarian as soon as possible.  The advice and care of a trained, certified professional is the most efficient and safest method for dealing with your German Shepherd’s allergies.  The same advice holds true for all dog allergies, even if the dog allergies are mild.

Second: Remove any artificial ingredients from your German Shepherd’s diet.  A diet that consists of real, natural, wholesome grains and meats will suit your canine best and strengthen the immune system to help fight the dog allergy.

Third: Start getting your dog more exercise.  Exercise is the best way to not only treat skin allergies (once the initial two steps have been taken) but will help to prevent the German Shepherd allergy from returning.

Fourth: Speak to your veterinarian professional about a soothing cream conditioner for the dog’s coat and skin.  Often times a topical ointment such as this will do wonders for the German Shepherd’s allergy symptoms and help him make a fast and full recovery.

* Please note, if your German Shepherd allergy tends to manifest itself as coughing, sneezing, or other respiratory unease, your dog may be suffering from air fresheners or other aromatic essences in your home.  Although these smells are pleasing to humans, they can do cause severe discomfort and mimic the signs and symptoms of a dog allergy.

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