Golden Retriever Allergies

Golden Retrievers are prone to a lot of skin allergies, which can be attributed to their long hair. Golden Retrievers are often prone to flea allergies, food allergies, and atopy.

Flea Allergies

Any dog can get fleas, but it’s the saliva of fleas that can cause the Golden Retriever skin allergies. To look to see if your Golden Retriever is having an adverse reaction to fleas, a red pauple may develop on its body and it will slowly change into a crust. If you find your Golden Retriever constantly itching and scratching, odds are that your dog may be infected with fleas.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can be quite common among Golden Retrievers. Common food allergies can be from wheat, beef, dairy, or soy. If you suspect that your dog may be having food allergies, try changing the dog’s food and observe the results after several weeks.


Atopy can be caused by a reaction to a certain substance or by inhaling something that can cause the allergy. If your dog has atopy, it will constantly scratch the affected area. Common affected areas could be the dog’s feet, face, under arms, and groin. Common sources of atopy can be from pollen, fungal spores, weeds, and certain kind of grasses. If you suspect that your dog has atopy, see a vet immediately.