What To Do If Your Dog Has a Food Allergy

There exist many reasons for dogs to suffer from allergic reactions, but when food becomes the reason behind their discomfort, it becomes quite difficult to handle them. However, all dog allergies have similar symptoms, involving scratching, pawing and chewing of some or the other part of body. In case of food allergy, it is his face that is being pawed initially, else, the dog starts chewing at his abdominal area. Determining food allergies in dogs can be a tough job, but then the foremost and easiest way is to substitute his food. Yes, by substituting the meat portion of your dog’s food can help you judge if it’s a food allergy. Then, slowly introducing new food to his diet over a week’s time is important. If no home remedy or self experimentation works, then consulting a Veterinarian can play wonders. Vets by performing some allergies tests can judge the actual issue and can then start with the appropriate treatment.

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