Common Sources For Dog Skin Problems

Dog skin problems

Dog skin problems

Known as one of the common health problems in dogs, dog skin problems can be caused due to various reasons. Varying from acute skin disorders like self limiting problems, dog skin allergies can be of chronic nature as well. These chronic dog skin problems in dogs can last for long times and can seek a life-long treatment as well.

Many a times, deficiencies in dog’s immune system can be stated as the reason behind their skin disorders. Some of the common dog skin problems are recurrent skin infections, increased susceptibility to demodectic mange, bacterial infections and Malassezia infection. Dogs with infectious skin disorders can be harmful to the owners, because they might possess of contagious or non contagious infections. Some of the common contagious infections are bacterial, parasitic, fungal and viral skin diseases. This is the reason why these dogs are known as the biggest source of distress in people around them.

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