Causes of Skin Allergies in Dogs

Also referred to allergic dermatitis, skin allergies in dogs may occur due to several potential causes. Besides, there exist various common symptoms of skin allergies in dogs that can be proved to be painful for them. Determining the actual cause can be difficult many times, but most of the times it is those allergens that are the culprit.

Skin Allergies in dogs, can be revealed out with the help of various symptoms. The most commonly known is the dog scratching and licking. If the allergies are severe in nature then few red, scaly and raised areas along with crusty bumps start developing on the dog’s skin. Chances of pus pockets in and on their skin and hair loss also exist. There are some symptoms like skin pigmentation along with thickening of their skin that cannot be noticed as allergy symptoms. Main causes for skin allergies are flea bites, atopy, food allergy, yeast infections, drug allergy, and contact allergies.

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